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Stylin' Sims FAQ
Here are the topics that are covered:
~ Textures: Q: Can I use your textures?
A: Yes, you may use my textures (FREE sites only!)
(Pay sites may use them, but WITH permission)
~ Money: Q: Does this site cost anything?
A: No, this site is completely free
~ Warranty: Q: Can I recolour the downloads?
A: Yes, all downloads are recolourable as long as I get my name mentioned in the credits, (Natalie @ Stylin' Sims)
and the name must link back to this site, or the site it is mentioned on must link me.
~ Meshes: Q. Can I add your meshes to my downloads?
A. No you must put a link back to my site to use my meshes.
(Pay sites may add them to your downloads)
~ Other questions:
Other questions must be sent by e-mail, clicky!

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