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Other Download Pages:
(*) = coming soon

objects will be available as soon if i get a guest
creator(s) or a partner. Applications can be submited here or if you just want to submit 1 file (or a set, any type of download inc. meshes and obj.) click here.
The things you send must
have a link or the mesh included (if it is a maxis recolour add MAX RCL to the bottom of the email.
(if mesh is inc. ask the creator of the mesh for permission)
What you submit MUST be your OWN work the files don't have to be in a zip or a rar (rar's will be removed from the site soon) you MUST have at least one picture (3 for lots - 1st - a top down veiw of floor plan, if 2 floors, upstairs and down. 2nd - a pic of the front, 3rd - a pic of the back.) skins must have 2 (front and back inc. clothing skins and meshes)
(if CAS is used for skins 1 will be fine as long as reflection is on)
if you have any other questions click here
The things you send MUST require the base game ONLY no expansions please.

Preveiw of:

Download the sims font

To install the font:
* Download the file and unzip to your desktop.
* Copy the file and paste to c: \ windows \ fonts
* Enjoy your Unofficial Sims font!

Features Include:
* It updates it's self automatically, so no need
to re-download.
* Features BBC news updates.
* A FREE Chat room for toolbar users.
* Links to Affilates and other sims sites.
* A FREE dating service for toolbar users

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Main Downloads Page:

Teen Bra (V 1.1)
© Stylin' Sims

Download Teen bra

Name (op) :
Say thanks for this *exclusive* file?

Jacket 01 back

Jacket 01 front

Download Jacket 01

Undies girls BLUE

Download Girls Undies Blue

Download MESH

Jeans with zebra belt

Download Jeans

Rules of Downloading:
If you use my downloads on any other site credit them to me,
Natalie @ Stylin' Sims 
YOU may recolour my Downloads as long as I get credit (see above)

DO NOT use my Downloads for your own profit other than letting your sims wear them within your game.

DO NOT put my creations on a subscription/paypal site.


How to put sims 2 downloads into your game:

1. Download the file and save to your desktop (or somewhere where it will be easy to find)

2. Right click the file select cut or copy from the menu.

3. Paste the file to Desktop/My Documents/EA GAMES/The Sims 2 (or expansion) /Downloads 

4.  UnZip or UnRar the file to the downloads folder.

To UnZip a file:

1. Right click the file and click Extract

2. Go through the extraction wizard until the file is UnZipped into the downloads folder.

3. Delete the zip file and keep the normal file so you can use it on your sims!

To UnRar a file :


1. Right click the file and click extract to XXXXXXXXXX(filename)

2. Delete the rar file but keep the extracted folder.

3. Enjoy my creation on your sims! :0D 

If there is no folder named "Downloads" then make one by right clicking the sims 2 (or expansion) folder (while inside it) and selecting new folder rename the folder downloads then paste the file.

Do you want to submit a creation? 
E-mail me and send me a picture and the file of your creation, I can handle sims 1 & 2 creations that require the sims 2 nightlife, sims on holiday, sims livin it up, sims house party, no other expansions are currently available for my use...
More about downloading:

 Will Wright , Maxis™ , EA games™ and all companies to do with the sims.

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