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This is the tutorials section, here you can learn how to do things within the sims 2.

How to edit the CAS! file by Natalie @ Stylin' Sims 

1. First open desktop/my computer/C:/program files/EA GAMES/the sims 2 (or expansion)/global lots/

2. Then copy the CAS! file.

3. Paste the file into desktop/my documents/EA GAMES/ thesims2 (not expansion) /lot catalog/

4. look at the files and find the one with the HIGHEST number at the end (e.g cx_00000099) rename the file to the number AFTER the HIGHEST there remembering the cx_00000000 there are 8 numbers on the end make sure you put ALL 8 numbers if it goes double figures it's 6 0's and a 2 digit number (e.g: cx_00000031)

5. Start your game and place the lot in a NEW neighbourhood.

(must be new or it will send you to the create a family screen when you click to build on it)

(its the one with a group of letters as the name (e.g: jhpgdhsg)

6. Edit the lot then return to the lot catalog and copy the last cx package and paste it back into the global lots folder and rename the file back to CAS!

(We suggest you keep the origional CAS! file but keep it in the folder but rename it to something like  backup_CAS!.package or something similar.

7. Open your game again and click the create a family button, then your create a sim mode will be customised!


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How to run the sims 2 in a window in 3 easy-peasy steps by
Natalie @ Stylin' Sims
1. Right click the game icon (on your desktop) and select properties.

2. Change the target line to exactly this : "C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\The Sims 2\TSBin\Sims2(or expansion).exe"-w

3. Then enjoy your game in windowed mode :0D

Thanks to Flid for telling me how to do this!

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