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THE URBZ - Masterclass


I have compleated the urbz Gba 1 time but have been playing for a long while, it takes skill to complete this game but its fun and unlike the Sims 2 GBA it can still be played after compleation.


How to: "Cheat your way through the game!"
The only cheat there is is Heidi Shadows. When you leave the Bayou talk to Det.Dan.D.Mann (Pun name: Det. Dandy man) get 100 rel. and he will tell you about a tunnel linked to the Bayou behind the poster in the jail. Heidi appears in the tunnel between 12.00am-1.00am or at the carnival (in the corner by the train) at 2.00 am- 3.00 am. you can get skills and money from her. Here is the stuff she sells:
1. Slip of paper:has the recipie to strawberry tiramusu and the password to Club Xizzle (Shizzle) on it.
2. Buff berry smoothie: 1 body point.
3. Silver tongue smoothie: 1 charisma point
4. gourmet berry smoothie: 1 cooking point
5. clock berry smoothie: 1 mechanical point
6. mind berry smoothie: 1 logic point
7. DaVinci berry smoothie: 1 creativity point
8. rosebud: gives you extra money (about 1000 to 2000)
Thats all that heidi can do but if you max out certain skills you will get a rep point with a group. This certain skill will always gain the same group's rep point.


if you have any questions or need help then click here


If you get the sell out xizzle (shizzle) save it till you get into the 5th set of goals trust me you will need it then.

Extra cheat -
Connect with the Sims 2 GBA to unlock Moon Base Zeta and get a new episode for the Sims 2. You won't be able to play games though. When the link is finished the Sims 2 may look broken, but it isn't, just turn it off and turn it on again to play 'A Very Special Reunion'. To access Moon Base Zeta use the telephone box in Sim quarter and select 'phone home'.

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